Awnings are a great way to shade your windows and help stop Sydney’s summer sun from heating up the rooms of your home. And with Betterview Blinds’ extensive range of awning styles, you’ll be able to find an awning option that perfectly complements the design of your house. From the simple but elegant manual variety to fully automatic awnings, allow us to guide you through the various choices. And of course, whichever style you choose, you can be assured that all Betterview Blinds awnings are built to exacting standards so they’ll last for years to come.

Straight drop awnings

For privacy and protection from the sun’s rays, consider our modern straight drop awnings. With a slim-line profile, straight drop awnings are designed to sit discreetly inside the edge of your verandah or patio, allowing filtered light to pass through while blocking out harsh sunshine – and inquisitive neighbors or passers-by. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics and colours to suit your home’s décor. Contact us to learn more about the variety available and receive a free measure and quote.

Folding arm awnings

For the ultimate in versatility, style, and luxury, consider our range of automatic folding arm awnings. Offering varying degrees of shade when extended (based on the fabric you choose), these automatic awnings retract into a stylish housing at the touch of a button. Durable, easy to operate, and made of quality materials, our range of automatic folding arm awnings will increase the utility of your outdoor areas and make a fantastic addition to your home.

Fixed awnings

Providing added character to your home, our range of fixed awning options includes styles to suit almost any type of residence. Choose from different fabrics and different profile shapes to find the perfect awnings for your home.

eZip Blinds™

eZIP Blinds are an incredibly modern and functional alternative to any awning. These blinds really enhance and transform your outdoor living space whilst protecting you from the sun, rain, wind, and insects. eZIPs are available as a manual spring operation, crank operation, or motorised with the remote control system.

A complete range of other awnings

If you’re looking for the ultimate selection of awnings so you can choose the perfect style for your home, you’ll be pleased to know we offer seven other varieties of awnings too.

Choose from the following categories:

Pivot arm awnings, | Automatic awnings | Robusta awnings | Casement awnings | Convertible awnings |Canopy awnings |eZip blinds

We offer customised solutions

So whichever style of awning your home requires, Betterview Blinds can provide you with a range of quality options. Call our team today on 4578 0880 or submit an online enquiry via this form.